Eugene Perepletchikov



Aurum is an essay film that traverses layers of history and mythology to examine our complex relationship with gold. A symbol of power and a unit of value, the lure of gold has shaped civilisations since ancient times. Aurum juxtaposes today’s extraction and production processes against a tangled history revealing a story of obsession and the power of a single material to transform societies.

In collaboration w/ Georgia Nowak.

NGV Melbourne Design Week 2020 
ANZ Gothic Building


4K digital video 21m07s
Collection: National Gallery of Victoria (in progress)


Memory-work is a 3 channel installation examining Victoria’s complex relationship with basalt.
The genealogy of basalt reveals a slow evolution; material becomes process within a web of complex systems, from geological activity to indigenous agriculture, colonial structures and socio-economic forces. Part of ongoing research into material history, Memory-work reveals basalt in motion and traces trajectories of relations and transformations that continue to unfold.

In collaboration w/ Georgia Nowak.

NGV Melbourne Design Week 2019, Jack’s Magazine & ADR Conference, MADA


3 x HD video 29m12s

Memory-work ii

Memory-work ii is part of ongoing research into historical narratives and latent stories hidden in the Victorian landscape. This installation examines basalt and interrogates the systems and technologies of the extraction and processing industries that now shape this commodified material into precise forms dictated by cultural and economic dynamics. 

In collaboration w/ Georgia Nowak.

C3 Gallery


2 x HD video 14m20s
HD video CRT display 4m


Threefold is an essay film in development through a State Library Research Fellowship received in 2018. The film engages with the local Ukrainian community to examine how memory, narrative and ritual constitute identity and a coherent image of a distant home. Ukraine’s difficult and rapidly changing history resists a singular reading, the stories of this community present a complex tapestry of meaning and myth. 


B-CSC Residency

Supported artist residency commencing July 2020 at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture in the Victorian Alps.